Some of the people who get results from working with me.

Living with illness or caretaking: 

A novice or expert at the daily ins and outs of the illness, you are ready to process release emotional fatigue and uncertainty while also giving attention to other aspects of your life and relationships.

Highly Sensitive Person: 

Strong yet gentle, you may be becoming aware of this natural trait and are curious. Finding yourself overwhelmed or anxious with feelings and consumed with others opinions, you are ready for balance, comfort in your own skin and a voice that calmly asserts your needs. You are ready to embrace your gifts.

Men’s Health & Exploration

Taking the steps to embrace a life of full expression and well-being while simultaneously shedding layers of myths, shame and stigma is your focus. You’d like a progressive space to safely unpack and revive. You’re ready to step to your own beat.

Affected by childhood trauma:

A warrior in the deepest sense of the word. You’ve experienced extremes (abuse, neglect, or other adverse childhood experiences). You want to open up with a fresh perspective to engage fully in life and relationships. You are ready to let the armoring down. You are ready to bring your warrior to peace.

Persistent Stress: 

When something needs to get done or get fixed correctly, you are the one everyone looks to. Dependable beyond measure, your body often goes into overdrive and overwork and controls everything. Wear and tear is affecting multiple aspects of your life. You are ready to take the edge of and nourish yourself and your relationships.



50, 80 and 110-minute sessions are held within my Westlake Hills office located minutes from Down Town Austin.

**I offer remote services and consultations as appropriate within the state of Texas.



**I travel throughout greater Austin to your home, movement studio or organization to facilitate TRE® and educational classes about stress reduction and the benefits of a regular self-organizing practice.

I am available locally and nationally for consultation and presentations.


People often seek to get results with me because they are struggling with:

  • Loneliness, isolation, sadness or numbness
  • Feeling misunderstood
  • Constant worry & racing thoughts
  • Addiction & compulsion
  • Sexuality, orientation, and intimacy
  • Relationship conflict, infidelity or separation (dynamic shifts polyamorous or open)
  • Grief, despair & loss
  • Concentration / attention
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Gastrointestinal upset
  • Trauma or chronic stress
  • Panic and paranoia
  • Social injustices & dehumanization experiences
  • Spiritual awakening & self-actualization


What is your story?

Wherever you are at the moment, we can work together to identify your themes and create a process that truly serves you.

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