Welcome to The Science of Story!

My name is Andrea.

I provide therapy services grounded by the principles of narrative methodology & Interpersonal Neurobiology (relationship neuroscience) to inspire & nurture your whole self & relationships.

I offer gentle somatic sessions to help you process & release deep or painful experiences & day to day stressors without the having to access the details of what happened.

Essentially, your body will do the processing for you.

I believe that you are naturally skilled, energetically prepared & intuitively masterful.

My approach inspires & nurtures
  1. small changes for quick & effective results
  2. a self care & strategy tool bag that is specific to your lifestyle
  3. objectivity & neutrality, clarity & present awareness
  4. exploration of situations & stories that feel stuck, overwhelming or disorganized
  5. externalizing problems (making them separate from you)
  6. development of strategies to create more opportunities
  7. recovering from the effects of chronic & post traumatic stress (PTS)
  8. exploration your natural abilities to relax & release tension energy
  9. feelings of physical lightness, expansiveness, internal & external unity
  10. experiencing greater emotional resilience & increased self esteem
  11. feeling more stable, consistent & even tempered especially during stressful moments
  12. engagement in, experiencing & maintenance of nutritious relationships
  13. exploration your world with confidence & ease


Andrea M Rábago, LMFT, certified TRE® provider

The cliff notes

Serving individuals, couples, children & their parents, I offer therapeutic services that support intuition, relationships & total wellbeing.

My interests are recovery from & prevention of post traumatic stress (PTS) reducing the need to directly speak about past experiences unless the desire to comes up.

I am versed in attachment styles, helping you to understand how early relationships with caregivers influence & shape brain function, mental processes & a capacity for healthy adult relationships.

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I hold space for you with a gentle therapeutic humor & a sincere heart.

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