The themes that I serve most often are described below.

Living with illness or care taking: 

You are an expert at the daily ins and outs of the illness and would like the help of a guide and companion to help navigate the emotional fatigue, tension, stress and uncertainty. Plus there’s a whole world going along that you would like to nourish and be a part of.

Highly Sensitive Person: 

Emotions. You feel the vastness of them. You have visions. When overwhelmed, you tend to people please and sometimes resent how often relationships seem so empty; a one-way street. You have a passionate edge that desires to meaningly impact the world. There is something palpable that if you got your hands around would be the game changer to move forward.

Deeply Introverted: 

Your mind is able to create structures of importance that many others cannot. You spend many hours a day engrossed in work or thinking that is focused and not interpersonal. You find it difficult to switch off from that internal flow state to engage in relationships. You want to find or connect with a special someone and learn how to open up but don’t know how to begin.

Affected by childhood trauma:

You’re a warrior in the deepest sense of the word.  You’ve experienced extremes (chronic abuse, neglect, or other adverse childhood experiences) such as a family member who was addicted or mentally ill, or losing a parent through abandonment, incarceration, or divorce. You see the patterns in your adult life that look a lot like back then and want to open up to new ways of being with partners and/or your children. You want to shed the past and be in the now.

Persistent Stress: 

You are the person who is called when something needs to get done or get fixed– right. Your body feels like it’s in overdrive (chaotic and exhausted) and are feeling the wear and tear in multiple aspects of your life. Your partner(s) or family are disgruntled too. You want to calm down and find yourself. Sleep sounds like the vacation of a lifetime.

The Shadow: 

Something happened—and now you can’t help but hear these thoughts and see behaviors. Relationships are suffering. Often times you wish to just “get out of your head” and avoid it altogether. Another part of you wants to know why this is happening and gain some control of yourself and your life.

Therapy for teens, individual adults and relationships

50, 80 and 110 minute sessions held from my Westlake Hills office located in central Austin, just minutes from Down Town.

**I also offer online therapy and consultation services as appropriate within the state of Texas.


80 minute TRE® sessions in office.

**Within range of Austin, I will also travel to your home, group, movement studio or organization to facilitate TRE® and provide practical, educational tips about the poses, for understanding how your body reacts to stress and what you can do to maintain healthy energy systems.

I am available locally and nationally for individual consultation or presenting to groups about diabetes, stress and psoas awareness and TRE® practice and principles.

People often seek individual or couples therapy with me because they are struggling with:

  • Loneliness, isolation, sadness or numbness
  • Constant worry & racing thoughts
  • Addiction & compulsion
  • New awareness that is challenging to manage
  • Relationship conflict, infidelity or separation
  • Grief, despair & loss
  • Concentration / attention challenges
  • Trauma or chronic stress
  • Social injustices & dehumanization experiences
  • Spiritual awakening & self actualization


What is your story?

Wherever you are at the moment, we can work together to identify your themes and create a process that truly serves you.

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