About Me

Hello & welcome to The Science of Story. My name is Andrea.

If you’re reading through these pages, I imagine that you or someone you love may be experiencing a significant amount of stress/chronic illness or experiencing the side effects from a trauma, or maybe you’re having challenges overcoming a difficult situation in your present life or relationship.

Whatever it is, you may be ready for a change, ready for something but not quite sure what that is or how to go about doing so.

However, you are wanting some guidance, encouragement or support. I want to help.

I understand how life can just pile things. In the late 80s I was diagnosed with a autoimmune illness (Type I Diabetes), pretty much the last straw around situations & circumstances which were well out of my control.

Back then medical professionals were just learning about how to offer diabetics extended life. Insulin had only been around for 10 years!! We were all learning about effective self care.

For along time, the effects on my mind, body & relationships took it’s toll before I was ready to accept my unique life path.

Facing my stuff, step by step, I began working with my resistances instead of against them. I Learned to open up & flow & be a lot lighter. Living moved in a healthier direction.

Working with by bodies stress response, I learned to be more present with myself & eventually simply appreciate & accept what is. I continue this path & dip into therapy for growth opportunity & to get unstuck & get on with life.

Adopting this perspective will forever be my “life changer” & helps me help others.

I was afforded a great research experience with the UTSA biobeedback research project where I

opened up a deeper connection between mind & body, realizing altogether that one directly influences the other. They really do function as one mindbody & breath is the link between them. I bring this experience with me always.

Academically I studied counseling theory, trauma, attachment theory, the science of relationships (IPNB), including innate sensitivity (Highly Sensitive People).

My post graduate work involved working with non profits organizations like Connections Family Services & Kids in. New Groove.

Additionally, I’ve adjunct with the cases needing court appointed supervision & have extensive experience collaborating with school administration, ARD, IEP, guardian ad litem, CASA & other legal professionals.

Supporting a wide population for over 5 years, I’ve worked with children, teens & their family systems & adults & couples in the areas of trauma, life transitions, anxiety & depression, chronic stress/illness & end of life stages including grief & loss.

So the Science of Story emerged. We are creative & powerful being who love to make meaning in the form of story. We possess the power & creative drive to redefine & re narrate the stories we tell ourselves & share with others…at any time.

Sometimes stories hold an imbalanced power & hinder simple health & day to day pleasures. I think that our stories are our wardrobe. Update it, maintain the classics & have fun. I believe in the alchemy & energy of life.

I am a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, stress & relaxation consultant who studied in the great city of Austin, Texas at St. Edward’s University. With me you can create an integrative perspective for mindbody wellness.

After earning my therapeutic skill set, I trained extensively with Dave Berceli specializing in nervous system function & stress reduction. I am now certified to provide TRE® (trauma & tension releasing exercise) a somatic approach.

I get a chuckle when looking at the word STRESS & see TRE in the middle. Sometimes a solution can be found in the problem.

I am a Highly Sensitive Informed Therapist & human who encourages a wide spectrum of emotion in sessions & help guide mind & body to support fully as you experience them & what they mean to you.

Humor & I have a close relationship. It’s a powerful gift; to feel the relaxing & healing effects of a shared smile & deep belly laugh. This can really help to offset life’s absurdity & often felt incongruences.

Laughter truly is an antidote to stress.

When I think back to my hospital filled youth, I remember laughter filling the rooms where uncomfortable procedures seemed endless. I found natural comfort in sharing my levity for the situation at hand, innately understanding that if mindbody were able to relax just a little, all could feel the benefits & things wouldn’t feel so scary.

My approach

Some of the official training & expertise I bring to our sessions are evidence based modalities including MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction), Narrative Therapy & Internal Family Systems.

I will include alternative methods as appropriate including trauma & tension releasing exercise TRE®, yoga, nonverbal expression, vocal toning, sound healing & aromatherapy.

When appropriate, I share therapeutic humor & heartfelt laughter which can melt physical tension, create chemical shift & be a welcomed release & am mindful when engaging in this expression of healing with others.

My ears & my heart open fully to your story.

I step forward to strengthen, energize & help you through challenging circumstances & help you return home to your natural resiliency.

Contact me directly via phone, text or email if you would like to explore working together.