Most importantly, thank you for taking your time to read. It’s my hope that you get a felt sense for me and that I am specialized to support your lasting wellbeing. I strive to be someone who can speak your language, feel into your experience, read between the lines and offer reflective support. I believe in the power of this process and you.

I’m Andrea Rábago.

Andrea is an Austin based Marriage & Family Therapist & internationally Certified TRE® Facilitator. She fosters safe, grounding & transformative experiences through movement, vocalization, sensory techniques & empowered storytelling. She has extensive specialization in the areas of trauma, stress & sensitivity.

If you’re someone who is experiencing the effects of chronic stress, illness, or the symptoms of any form of trauma and are highly sensitive (HSP) or feel that you have to control situations, or else—you’ve found someone who can help. 

Most important to me is your empowered wellbeing. In our sessions, you will gain relatable, practical and useful knowledge that catalyzes your healing and growth.

Sessions are collaborative, intuitive and experiential. Expect to connect with your body, senses, wisdom and your magic. These sessions support a range of people in experiencing fulfilling relationships and healthier sleep patterns, acceptance for what can and cannot be controlled by discovering how to be curious and moved within the spectrum of emotion and experience.

I began this private practice after a decade-long journey to connect with my own magic and develop a way to live peacefully with a diagnosis with Type I Diabetes. Many of the symptoms I have experienced include mental illness, pain and relationship distress. With time and work my life began to shift and unhelpful patterns, to dissolve and give way for the new.

Being highly sensitive, I have also cultivated a perspective that sensitivity is a gift for insight, intuition and gentle strength. I also believe that diabetes allows me an incredibly deep and complex relationship with my body and is my superpower for helping others. Being in harmony with these heightened abilities has helped to enrich my world and the people I love and support. My personal path encompasses a solid wellness foundation and informs how I work with you. 



This process most often goes like this—

1)  We have a phone call, a simple conversation. During this call, we will get clear on what’s happening, what you want and how I might be able to help. We will also determine if you want to meet in person and experience the space where I hold sessions.

2)  In that session, we will complete a wellness assessment through which I may offer some suggestions. Small changes can have a great impact and oftentimes we can get into the mindset that the undertaking has to be big to be effective. It doesn’t. You may decide that session makes you feel complete and we will say goodbye. You will take the information from that assessment with you or…

3)  From there we will embark on bringing you into an alignment where you can begin making the meaningful shifts that will have the most impact for you. In a journey across the wilderness, we often need to bring some tools along, take some breaks and rest, tell some stories that make us laugh and cry. I’ll be with you along the way for all that we encounter and am grateful to be able to serve you.

(My style focuses on your natural capacities and strengths. My education (see below) and ongoing training, lived experiences including my utmost belief in you, will ground our work. My North Star is your wellbeing.)

Thank you for reading.

Be well,


Regular consulting and TRE® affiliations: Marbridge Assisted Living and Texas Workforce Commission.

Memberships: AIC, IONS, AAMFT, Jung Society of Austin.

Andrea is a medical intuitive who has fully restored from the chronic effects of T1D (diabetes). She is also informed by attachment theory, IPNB (interpersonal neurobiology), Internal Family Systems, depth psychology, mindfulness, Gottman Couples Method, TRE® (tension-stress-trauma releasing exercise), biofeedback, bioenergetics, and quantum physics.

She earned a Master’s Level Counseling from St. Edward’s University with a focus on open system integration (a fancy term for the study of humans as complex systems who heal and flourish through integration).