Learning to Move

Andrea was born into a French Canadian family in New England during the late 70s. After relocating to a remote Texas ranching community during 1988, after her unfortunate encounter with a Texas size wasp nest & a case of anaphylactic shock, just 6 weeks later, she was diagnosed with Type I diabetes.

Being detained in what seemed an endless hospital stay, being physically & emotionally slowed down by the many side effects of this poorly understood condition, she leaned on her mental strength & curious drive to move her. She connected with & learned from all who surrounded her, doctors, nurses, phlebotomists & medical technicians galore; these people becoming her friends & a second family.

A sponge for information, she absorbed anything she could get close to, from creative horror genius Steven King, to Alan Watts & his interpretations of the Tao, to the Lippincott’s Pocket Manual of Nursing Practice that hung around the nurses station.

A creative spirit, she competed & won with her first submission in a college level short story contest at age 11. As a teen, she went on to compose & compete scholastically for the International Lion’s Club Diabetes Essay Contest for three consecutive years, presenting to a panel of medical judges, & winning scholarships at district & state levels. As a subject, she joined a UTSA biofeedback research project to study the effects of naturally altered states for pain management leading her to almost complete a degree in registered nursing, but instead paid attention to a voice calling for opportunity elsewhere.

That opportunity helped fuse her love for mental stimulation, being with people who seek internal inquiry & practical understanding of biological processes. She became even thirstier to deepen self understanding & care practices for healthy systems function including relationships.

Tossing aside her creative pen, she happily compiled research papers & reflective self narratives for two degrees with honors in psychology & counseling theory & a specialty in open systems integration. She has fostered expertise for joining with people through their need for trauma recovery, energy system health & compassionate self understanding.

self care + self love = self discovery & beyond

Formerly Ms. Andrea M. Chartier, LMFT of AMC Wellness Counseling

On becoming fully licensed as a Marriage & Family Therapist, she opened the private therapy practice AMC Wellness Counseling; specializing to support Highly Sensitive People (HSP) & relationships through mindfulness & other wellness practices. Working intimately with people & the nature of neurological sensitivity was a personal catalyst.

About that time, a deep & instinctive sense came knocking at the door.

In early 2016 she had a personal experience of being shook. She physically trembled from her core & through this process, felt something that needed to leave her…just go.  Being shook, just like kids mean it today, she tok her surprise & sought data to explain what she couldn’t even begin to describe, yet deeply feeling that she had met up with something special.

And much to her non surprise, she had actualized a core movement embedded from the primordial human experience, beyond conscious awareness & existing where words, or logic or the best of intentions can’t reach. Today she brings this healing way to you through the Science of Story.

Her most passionate venture to date is Thetapy®. A fusion practice of core movement honoring conscious & subconscious processes for bodies & narratives that move freely together.

Andrea serves & consults locally & remotely from Austin, Texas. Her passions stem from her own personal experiences for seeking natural modalities to live harmoniously & reduce effects of psychological stress & chronic illness.

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