“The Cosmos is also within us. We are made of star-stuff.” Carl Sagan

Most importantly, thank you for being.

I feel that bridging human intuition with the working knowledge of science aka “study of human magic” opens opportunity for a therapeutic flow within & between ourselves; a vibratory dance that fosters total wellbeing.

It is my stance that the client is a natural & intuitive expert on themselves.

I provide collaborative, creative & compassionate services.

By bridging neuroscience principles & Interpersonal Neurobiology (the science of relationships) with your wisdom, I support your complete wellbeing & honor the many aspects of Self, relationships & life.

This therapeutic craft tailors in the moment to fit your needs, much like cutting a paper snowflake before your eyes.

The resource bag I curate is super eclectic & diverse. I blend forms of traditional & modern psychology with Eastern contemplative practices. I view this healing experience as an integral form of art & empowerment.

Narrative methods empower sparks of creativity through exploration.

Environmental & cultural influences affect development & present day life, including family & childhood, work, culture & society. we can explore these aspects as it is relevant.

In the first few sessions we will determine a structure for your process. I check in often to determine the effectiveness & flow of your sessions.

A little about the therapeutic relationship with myself…

An afternoon well spent is, to me, being sun kissed, mud caked & with a pocket full rocks. I explore contemplative, zen practices & breath, consuming brain nutrition, vocal toning, sound & resonance bathing, vibrational & rhythmic movement.

It’s incredibly important for me to spend time with nature, in solitude & at play.

Moving. I like to move it, move it. Dance in the form of two step or swing is a favorite.

I have been evolving along with this therapeutic craft since 2009 & in research development at UT Health Science Center, practicing alongside frontrunners of the neuroscientific, trauma & therapeutic movement of our time.

How to get started…

Call (512) 520-6480 or email andrea@thescienceofstory.com to schedule an initial phone call.

You have many options available to you & I want to help you find a solid therapeutic match.

I will answer your questions & may offer suggestions or give resources & referrals based on your needs through a relaxed phone conversation.

I look forward to hearing from & learning about you.