Andrea is an Austin based Marriage & Family Therapist & internationally Certified TRE® Facilitator who specializes in sensitivity, mental and chronic illness, sensory integration, subtle energy healing and post-traumatic growth.

Andrea can be found close to home restoring the land and playing in nature on the banks of the Colorado River East of Austin. She joined the professional world of healing in 2014 while developing restorative practices for whole brain health. She has a servant’s heart and has always been involved in some form of service profession.

After studying alongside some of the world’s leading brain health experts, she is placed at the cutting edge for holistically supporting your wellbeing.



“My philosophy in life is that ‘it is what it is’. Leaning into this idea, this approach to life, I feel compassion for the self who lives through any experience. As this continues to happen, subtle pathways open and opportunities for wellbeing grow, whatever the circumstances or situation.” 



All of life’s experiences pass through the brain, the sensory nerves, and organs. Brain health is the root for ensuring resiliency and the capacity to meet life as it happens.

Andrea’s passion is working with Highly Sensitive People and all people empowering themselves as agents of their wellbeing and relationships.

She offers classes and groups facilitating TRE® sharing strategies for creating enlivening personalized self-organizing environments (SOE) at home and in the office foster brain health, integration, and well-being.

The world is experiencing swift and radical changes. Andrea is here to meet your journey and experiences to learn from you. From developing healthy relationships and sexuality, securing intimacy and esteem needs to trauma recovery or establishing an empowered voice and narratives, she approaches the process with open ears, sound mind, and whole heart.

Deeply understanding the human nature to resist, Andrea is a continual presence. Her gentle bottom-up approach helps people undergo immediate and subtle relief from emotional blockages and physical pain. Opening up to a world of enlivening energy she supports and directs as you catalyze or soothe for personal and relationship growth.



More than ever people are seeking wisdom for health and wellbeing. I’m here to listen to your story and offer my full support.

Your liberation and wellbeing is my focus.

Email me direct with any questions or schedule a call by clicking on the purple button.

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I am a medical intuitive guided by nature and informed by attachment theory, IPNB (interpersonal neurobiology), Internal Family Systems, depth psychology, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, Gottman Couples Method, TRE® (tension-stress-trauma releasing exercise), biofeedback, bioenergetics, and physics. I attended St. Edward’s University to earn a Master’s Level Counseling Degree with a focus on open systems integration (a fancy term for the study of humans as complex systems that flourish and heal through integration)

Regular consulting and TRE® affiliations: Marbridge Assisted Living and Texas Workforce Commission.

Memberships: AIC, IONS, AAMFT, Jung Society of Austin.


*Disclaimer — how we arrive at your goals will unfold during our time together. As someone who is a lifelong journeyer and practitioner of many healing ways, I believe the path is best traveled with a professional you can grow from.