Andrea is an Austin Texas based Marriage & Family Therapist & internationally Certified TRE® Facilitator — She offers you a safe space — to reflect, heal & grow— specializing in energy healing: intentional living, sensitivity & post traumatic growth.

At the banquet of human experience, I am a deep diver of the emotional wave pool— with a fondness and love for speaking and being with people through matters of the heart, mind and soul. 

Each emotion moves through the denser physical patterns with it’s unique resonance or wave frequency — why we literally can feel our feelings. Our heart can jump with surprise, swell open with joy or ache with sadness — our gut can be wretched with fear, anger or disgust. 

Do you feel deeply already or wish to process your emotions and connect others?


I been paying close attention to shaking for most of my life. Incredibly sensitive, as a child I intuitively knew that shaking was necessary — helping me to calm down and feel better when the waves got big.

At 10 years of age, I was diagnosed with T1D (type 1 Diabetes) and more shaking happened. By deepening my connection to subtle vibrations and shaking, I developed an artistic way of understanding mental and physical wellbeing.

By leaning into my shake, I learned so much about my needs.

As a species, we are awakening to what it means to feel and be connected or whole. By learning to feel and process the heavier emotions, we become ever more resilient, present and wholehearted people who can handle the deeper aspects of our existence.


Today I offer personalized guidance for people who wish to develop a more intentional relationship to themselves — helping people lean into their subtle energies and create pathways for essential, health and wellbeing.  I understand that shaking and vibration is life. I help others develop personal practices and support relationships and whole hearted living. 

I strive for your wellbeing. I believe you have the wisdom and bravery to commit to this journey. Witnessing yourself align with and become clear — that’s what I wish for you— for others to bask in and feel moved by you — attracted to being in your presence and story. 

So many people find that they benefit from accountable, compassionate and personal guidance.

Contact me and let’s get started. Warmly, A —

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My approach is firstly grounded in nature and supported by attachment theory, IPNB (interpersonal neurobiology), depth psychology, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, Gottman Couples Method, TRE® (tension-stress-trauma releasing exercise) and physics.

Regular consulting and TRE® affiliations: Marbridge Assisted Living and Texas Workforce Commission.

Memberships: AIC, IONS, AAMFT, Jung Society of Austin.

My personal time is spent researching and practicing ways to be in alignment with the (T1D) Type I Diabetes I have had a partnership with since the age of ten.