Andrea is an Austin based Marriage & Family Therapist & internationally Certified TRE® Facilitator. She fosters safe, grounding & transformative experiences through movement, vocalization, and sensory techniques. She has extensive specialization in the areas of trauma, stress, and sensitivity.

Hello, and thank you for reading. I am Andrea. My story is full of what you may expect in any journey. I’ve experienced chronic illness, trauma, loss, separation, conflict, chaos and disconnection. I have also discovered peace, love, and compassion.

I believe that you are a hero with many stories and things to discover. I want to listen to see how I can be of assistance to you right now.



Presence, care, and compassion are some of the most amazing gifts we can experience, give to ourselves and each other. What a catalyst for connection, healing, and growth.

Whatever you may be wanting to face and explore at this time, if you are seeking a space of support with a professional guide who cares deeply, I am glad that you are here.

People are beautiful and complex dimensional beings. Our needs often fluctuate especially when we’ve been hurt, wronged or are at a crossroads seeking direction.

Spending time with someone who has your best interests at heart and who does their own deep growth and healing work can make all the difference. Together we are powerful.

The people who have come to work with me and often return for another season say that I am a great balance between silly and sincere and help to make the experience both meaningful and manageable.



I’m in the final stages of completing a book for you.

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I work with a wide range of clients including individuals, couples, romantic and platonic relationships, adolescents and groups through a variety of life circumstances and challenges. CLICK HERE for a brief overview of my specialties.

I hold monthly community events for you to create a personalized TRE® practice.



Email me or schedule a 30-minute call to begin.

Our conversation will help you get clarity about your needs and possibly working together.

Regular consulting and TRE® affiliations: Marbridge Assisted Living and Texas Workforce Commission.

Memberships: AIC, IONS, AAMFT, Jung Society of Austin.

Andrea is a medical intuitive who has fully restored from the chronic effects of T1D (diabetes). She is also informed by attachment theory, IPNB (interpersonal neurobiology), Internal Family Systems, depth psychology, mindfulness, Gottman Couples Method, TRE® (tension-stress-trauma releasing exercise), biofeedback, bioenergetics, and quantum physics.

She earned a Master’s Level Counseling from St. Edward’s University with a focus on open system integration (a fancy term for the study of humans as complex systems that heal and flourish through integration). 

Her energy and attention are devoted currently to collaborating with a visionary team of holistic therapists and doctors to reduce the need for chronic pharmaceutical intervention by bringing forth a new evidence-based healing modality.