What is counseling & therapy?

Essentially, counseling & therapy is a commitment of time, energy & money; an investment in yourself &/or your relationship(s). Some of the process will be enjoyable & others may feel uncomfortable.

Most importantly, I see this as a set time & space where all of you is welcomed into the session to be seen; somewhere where you can listen to yourself engage a vulnerable & safe conversation. You can explore & heal parts of your past, raise your esteem & engage more meaningfully with yourself & others. Develop boundaries & communication of balance & ease. You can experience yourself, your relationships & life differently.

How does it feel to be in therapy?

We are all little snowflakes of experience. Our paths have led towards & away from different places, people & situations. Therefore, the therapy process will look & feel different to each one of us. The universal truth in my office is that you will be treated respectfully, with full acceptance. I will be there with you.

How often should I go to counseling sessions?

Most come to counseling once or twice a week depending on what is needed at the time. Clients in crisis can greatly benefit from coming in two times per week then go weekly once things feel more stable. Some clients will opt for 50 minute sessions while others find 80 minutes enough time to dive more deeply.

Therapy isn’t for everyone & some people will get more benefit from different support services. I at the very least can help you with other resources or ideas about how to get the support you seek & deserve.

Why do you want to work with Highly Sensitive People?

When I was in grad school one of my most influential professors encouraged me to research Dr. Elaine Aaron & Highly Sensitive People. I immersed myself in the topic which was rich with information for people who often feel misunderstood & undervalued, easily stressed & overwhelmed, incredibly insightful & curious.

I am energized beholding as a person with a sensitive nature transforms & emerges from therapy with a voice, a purpose, maybe a thriving relationship or a grounded sense of self.

What is TRE®?

TRE® assists the restoration of neurological pathways to calm & regulate the body during or after stressful situations. It assists trauma recovery, especially circumstances that happened long before you can remember or situations that you may not want to recount in detail.

TRE® consists of 7 gentle stretching & mild fatiguing exercises that allow natural shaking via the brainstem for the purpose of releasing stored energy, calming mind & body.

Resembling a practice much like yoga, TRE® results will differ each time depending on your bodies needs. The practice will evolve with you, for life.

During our sessions we may also include bioenergetic expression, vocal toning, essential oils, grounding techniques & active reflection based on your needs.

You can learn more by searching Dr. David Berceli or going to traumaprevention.com or by calling me.
I will share resources in abundance & answer your questions.

Where are you located?

Just 10 minutes from downtown Austin, Texas.

West Oaks Office Park
950 Westbank Dr. Suite 104
ATX 78746

I am also available to travel to your office or personal setting to offer TRE® & consulting services.

Do you take insurance?

No. I am an out of network provider. I choose this for a couple of reasons, one of which is to protect you. I also strive to support your wellness choices as being your personal choices & not to be made by your insurance provider’s opinion for how our work should look.

However, I will provide you with documentation to submit to providers for possible reimbursement. Clients are often successful with partial reimbursement.

I ask for payment in full at the time of service. Please note that even though that the charge you see is per session hour, much space outside of session is devoted to development & cultivation of this craft. We are supporting each other.

50 minutes 115

75 minutes 145

110 minutes 175

Session fees include ongoing remote support & unlimited resource sharing.

See the list of questions below to ask your healthcare provider so you may go forward with being reimbursed.

What do I ask my insurance company about reimbursement?

If you would like to explore the possibility of reimbursement for out-of-network coverage, please review your policy carefully & call your provider to ask the following questions

  1. Is my mental health plan an HMO or a PPO?
  2. If it is a PPO, what are my benefits for an “out-of-network” provider?
  3. Do I have a deductible (the deductible may be different for “in-network” and “out-of-network” benefits)?
  4. Has my deductible been satisfied? –If you have called a “behavioral health” or “mental health” number on your card, he/she may tell you that you must phone the main insurance company number to obtain this information.
  5. Does this “deductible year” run from Jan.—Dec.? If not, where am I in the cycle?
  6. What will be my co-pay?
  7. How many visits am I allowed per calendar year?
  8. Is pre-authorization required before I see a therapist? If so, ask your customer service representative for this phone number, as you will need this to pursue authorization.
  9. Is there a “pre-existing” clause?
  10. What diagnoses qualify for reimbursement?
  11. What types of licenses are accepted (i.e., Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, etc.)

**Andrea is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

All insurance reimbursements are the responsibility of each client

Reporting a complaint

I hope that our therapeutic rapport withstand the weight of the board to be able to speak transparently & openly as our feeling & perspectives allow…however….
Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors Complaint Process

An individual who wishes to file a complaint against a Licensed Professional Counselor may write to

Complaints Management and Investigative Section
P.O. Box 141369
Austin, Texas 78714-1369
Call 1-800-942-5540 to request the appropriate form or obtain more information.
This number is for complaints only