You’re pretty amazing at doing all the things.

Now that you slow down to think about it, too many things,

In fact, are you one that tends to take everything on & then leave yourself, your self care & happiness last?

This type of going going going can build resistances to stress, becoming a chronic situation of energetic imbalance.

You feel tired, exhausted often times. 

You’re seeking better ways to take care of yourself & interrupt those unsavory patterns that contribute. 

I really have appreciated this modality for many reasons. It helps focus mind to help relax body. Let’ me tell you, than feels good.

TRE® as a natural & simple self care tool.

Dave Berceli developed TRE® as a technique to recover from trauma & stress. He realized that the shaking people often resist when they are under moderate to extreme stress is actually the body trying to help regulate & calm itself.

Often times, people are pathologized by the medical & psychiatric community or by society at large for shaking or tremoring, but humans are actually wired to shake.

TRE® helps break patterns of resistance to allow emotional energy & stress chemicals to pass through body to it can calm down, relax & heal & then create some coo, shit. Remember humans are CREATIVE.

Fun fact. Everybody, animals included, possesses this ability to shake or allow emotional to pass.

TRE® helps restore these neurological pathways to offer a number of mental & physical benefits.

Most often people will report more restful sleep after just a session.

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