This page is dedicated to reconnecting with & renewing a sense of self & relationships. 

Approximately 70 percent of adults in the US have experienced at least one traumatic or stressful experience in their lives.

More than 13 million people live with the effects of trauma at any given moment.

Trauma can be recognized by several names

  • emotional trauma
  • PTSD (Click HERE for my interview with PTSD).
  • somatic stress
  • tension
  • anxiety
  • fear
  • general distress or restlessness

When tension energy builds during stressful or traumatic moments, but does not get used or processed, it becomes stored within the body. Muscle & fascia tissues be come tense & rigid, alkalinity & homeostasis are disrupted & distressing memory replay can occur frequently.

Unprocessed energy builds core resistances that interrupt vibrational wellbeing & aliveness.  

Side effects can include

  • difficulty sleeping
  • tense muscles & physical toxicity
  • irritability & restlessness
  • physical emotional & relational disconnection
  • poor concentration & decision making
  • exaggerated startle response

Even more distressing is being aware that the modern human mimics this specific threat response by creating but not using this energy almost daily which makes them a vulnerable target to these effects & overal experience.

We call it FREEZE. In the animal kingdom it looks like “playing dead”.


Andrea offers somatic sessions which are a mix of your personal retelling & processing of experiences, practical neuro education, vibration healing & TRE® (tension energy releasing exercise).

Based on your preference, she will also incorporate

  • aroma therapy
  • sound & resonance bathing
  • guided imagery
  • sensory interaction & bio feedback
  • bioenergetic expression

Andrea’s mission helps educate & support practical understanding & application of your bodies sophisticated core design for being able naturally process & release tension energy, build stress resiliency & experience vibrational & relational well-being & aliveness.

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