A fusion practice of restorative movement & personal
inquiry for bodies & narratives that move freely together.

During our sessions together, we will explore energy, movement & restoration.

Through this practice rewrite limiting beliefs & pattern healthier narratives.

Thetapy® is the union of awareness & body consciousness for

  • peaceful states & healthier sleep
  • gentle responsiveness & equanimity
  • relaxed interpersonal experiences
  • mental clarity, enhanced vision & focus
  • physical unity, lightness & expansiveness
  • nutritious self perspective & relationships
  • worldly exploration with curiosity, confidence & ease
  • immune & nervous system integrity


It is the unwanted.

It is a situation where the body creates energy for movement & the movement does not happen.

It is also something everybody experiences to varying degrees.

As unprocessed energy remains in the body as an emotional memory,

biorhythmic imbalances shape the inner physical landscape.

This leaks out into life & relationships unhealthy behaviors & coping styles, intensifying without intervention.

We call this trauma or PTSD.

Falling off a bike, driving long hours, being in an argument, even someone telling you that what you feel is wrong can be experienced by the sensory body as traumatic.

Traumas, stressors & chronic freeze states are wide & varied personal experiences.

The restoration practice will be different from person to person.

The bodies intelligent design houses healing mojo that when allowed do it’s magic, will bring about an experience that is unique to your needs. 

This gentle practice lends itself for maintaining energy systems, for experiencing resilience during stress, for understanding & listening to your unique & protective design & much much more.

Thetapy® is a unity practice for mind, body & relationships.

Are you ready to move?

You can reach me directly when you are ready.

I am happy to explore with you & answer your questions via email, phone or text.

Andrea M. Rábagao, LMFT, Certified TRE® provider

Andrea serves & consults locally & remotely from Austin, Texas. Her passions stem from her own personal experiences for seeking natural modalities to live harmoniously & reduce effects of psychological stress & chronic illness.