Therapy is a universal term which I define as healing with another.

By taking space and care to examine deep layers of mind, body and relationships endless growth opportunities can emerge.

Soothe your core being. Grow trust to listen to your authentic self.

From a healed core, people can thrive in the now.

As your facilitator, I listen to and honor your story, your experiences and support with evidenced based techniques and strategies for healthier lives and relationships. The therapy I offer is oftentimes brief, yet impactful, meaningful and lasting.

TRE® is one of many techniques I practice and share for becoming more self regulating, grounded and connected with the core self.

Dave Berceli developed TRE® as a technique to recover from trauma & stress. He realized that the shaking people often resist when they are under moderate to extreme stress is actually the body trying to help calm itself from the core muscle known as the psoas (SO-as).

This practice is also known to soothe an agitated mind and psyche, can reduce anxiety and alleviate depression.

Because humans are naturally self organizing and regulating, by simply allowing this natural reflexive process, people can naturally heal from many types of deep relational, behavioral and emotional wounding and chronic illnesses.

TRE® helps to soften physical armoring and tension patterns to allow emotional energy to pass through body.

By breathing life back into these neurological pathways, a number of mental & physical health benefits can be felt and helps to support and catalyze many forms of therapy. I believe in the transformative effects of TRE®.

Most often people will report more restful sleep and a calmed inner landscape after a single session.

Contact me to have your questions answered and to schedule an initial phone session at no cost or commitment to you.