Envisioning what therapy can be for you is a phone call away. An advocate for your ongoing wellbeing, I support & guide for getting you where you want to be.

— A variety of therapeutic services should be accessible to all people.

— Please let me know if you are having difficulty accessing services.

— For resources and/or connection with the best suited healing professional at this time, I listen to you.

— Please note that I hold additional expertise to serve Highly Sensitive People and Empaths.

Academically and empirically supported by a variety of theories and modalities (including my own) stemming from systems therapy, neuroscience, epigenetics, bioenergetic expression, and TRE® (tension release exercise), I help people explore their conscious world and the subconscious core causes for life problems. 

Blending timeless and holistic healing practices to release stuck energy patterns held as cellular memory, I guide people so a gentle natural healing can happen at multiple levels. 

I’ve experienced incredible transformation (personally and professionally) through these gentle and effective practices and have opened up pathways of personal fulfillment and ease in life and relationships.

A non-exhausted set of examples:

  • Anxiety/depression
  • Lifestyle transitions (work and personal)
  • Childhood Adversity
  • Sexual and physical assault
  • Reintegration after active military service
  • Service industry workplace stress
  • Substance Abuse
  • Communication and intimacy
  • Life path fulfillment and existential concern
  • Relationship conflict
  • Sleep distress
  • Chronic pain/illness

* I am a kink and poly, LGBTQ+ affirmative therapist

The therapy I offer yields dramatic results. After your initial healing journey is complete, many people return to keep aligned with quarterly wellness checks. Finding the right healing professional is a special process. I want to help.

With you in mind,


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