We all benefit from reflection & restoration. Welcome.

I understand well how this part feels — so many of us were not modeled about the gift of therapy and emotional care. Some of us are so really new to the idea of self compassion and throwing a middle finger to the stigma of mental health disorders, trauma or any other disabling title. We wonder how to begin but feel (insert feeling here).

I am here to help demystify stigma, myth and even financial concern — to help you envision what this journey can look like for you. I am here to walk you into an experience where you can hear, see and feel yourself being YOU. All of you.

This is not therapy to promote your being happy 24/7 not even a little bit. This is about being real — whatever that means to you.

Are you ready to be more tough and tender with yourself?

A lot of what therapy is about is taking a closer look at what motivates you, how you tell your story and how that story affects your entire world. From there you get to choose. I am there to be an affirming presence. Having a sounding board with someone who is there to support and not hinder the flow with their own agenda was one of the most beautiful gifts I’ve ever given myself and I became inspired to share this with you. 

There are many ways that working with a professional guide helps. I offer space for people to 1.) be open and honest with themselves; to really let everything fly 2.) feel more energetic and/or emotional 3.) become grounded, present and flexible — so they can address their present day stuff and crack open a world of possibilities or simply become settled with what they are experiencing in this thing we call life.

We can all benefit from more attention for ourselves — to soften and draw in, relax and release and become confidently connected to our passion and presence as an authentic human being.

The art of healing and self development is a tradition throughout history and civilizations.

Sometimes we may heal individually, sometimes in groups or with spiritual guides and therapists.

Whether we’re physically frazzled from overtaxing our bodies, exhausted mentally from care taking, college or kids, emotionally drained from chronic illness or losing a loved one or struggling to keep one—a therapeutic experience is an essential chapter in all of our lives. Sometimes, we simply need to make ourselves a priority and give to ourselves to replenish our own heart, mind and soul.


This therapy is suited for all.

Who will be attracted to this form of healing art?

People who are ready to foster greater self compassion for their human experience.


What next?

Therapy can be short- or long- term as well, depending on  what you wish to focus on and you will have the power and control to make informed decisions as I share options based on your needs and goals.

Contact me via email or text to schedule a free phone consult. I am prepared to be helpful, answer questions and provide resources to other healers. There’s many of us practicing right now —  ushering you into a world that feels better.

Welcome to a new chapter in your book of your life.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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