You deserve joyful & deeply connected relationships

 especially with yourself.


The cycle of life brings with it an array of experiences, challenges, and paradoxes. It may throw a wrench into well-intended efforts and hand over cards that weren’t asked for.

It can take a belief about ourselves, our relationships or the world and turn it on its ends.

During these times, finding a space to rest and reflect with head and heart can help.

Are you doubting yourself or feeling the general effects of stress and exhaustion from an ongoing struggle about something very specific?

The social climate also needs to be recognized as it affects personal well-being.

An affirming, inclusive and heart-centered attitude lives at the core of this private practice.

Now is a good time to slow down and lean in with a licensed and board-certified professional. A seasoned mentor who’s been through a number of healing and growth cycles can offer you grounded support to access new energies and thrive.

Change, healing and expressive growth can be a most liberating, expansive and empowering experience.

 Schedule a free 30-minute consult to discover how our working together could benefit you.



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