You are a story in motion.


Our histories (herstories) and genetic lineage live, breathe and effect beyond spoken words—

among the spiritual, cultural, emotional, relational, mental and physical dimensions of life.

Do you feel the general effects of stress or exhaustion from an unknown source or regarding something very specific?

Are you feeling doubtful and uncertain in relationships?

Do you wonder about your beliefs or what others tell you to is true?

Slow down and lean in with a licensed and board-certified professional. Connecting with a seasoned mentor and someone who has been through layers of healing and growth cycles can offer grounded and empowering support.

An affirming, inclusive and heart-centered attitude lives at the core of my private practice.

I welcome you to stop in for a single session, say hello and claim your space.

Movement and expression can be a most liberating, expansive and empowering experience.

 Schedule your free 30-minute phone consult to discover how our working together can benefit you.


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