Welcome to the next chapter of your life.

When things feel tense, muddy and murky, it can be tricky to find ground and trust that the next steps will fall into place.

Periods of significant stress, trauma or illness can cause us to feel like we’re losing control, as can being highly sensitive and surrounded by people whose values and beliefs differ from our own. Grieving a significant relationship and transitioning into a new life situation are other events that can cause us to feel out of sync and overwhelmed.

By practicing how to gather valuable data, by noticing how your body reacts to situations and nurturing it along the way, your authentic self will realize that it’s being seen and that it’s safe.

Trauma, stress or conflict recovery of any magnitude occurs as a result of the healthy relationship between conscious states and automatic regulation of physical processes.

As a facilitator my role holds space so you can relax into this process and become effective for your goals.

People work with me to develop their natural resiliency and become masterful at intentionally communicating and making decisions — for choosing relationships, life paths and experiencing balance and ease.

The Science of Story lets us explore uncharted territory by being grounded in science — respecting and caring for a brain and body that can become quickly stressed or scared (or is already there) while exploring opportunities through myth and mysticism to spark imagination, lightness and creativity.

This process helps you become aware of when and how you react in the now (paying attention to the triggers and blocks that come from the past) so you can fully align and move forward being centered, lighter and more in control.

Unlike traditional talk therapy — which is often a top-down approach where the focus is on mining for resistances and what is hidden — this neurogenic-based therapy gently addresses what organically arises from the subconscious body and mind.

As a Certified TRE® Facilitator I also offer this practice for anyone who wishes to supplement their therapy and healing art. You may also consider TRE® if you are seeking to enhance your self care and energy awareness. Most often — 3 guided sessions set the student well on their practice and restorative path.

Together we will create a confirming space for you to address all that you need to.

Let’s work together.

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