Andrea is an Austin based Marriage & Family Therapist & internationally Certified TRE® Facilitator who specializes in sensitivity, mental and chronic illness, sensory integration, energy healing and post-traumatic growth.

Andrea is helping people everywhere connect with their natural abilities for wellbeing. She’s here to empower you as a natural healer & creative being. Heal old wounds & simply embody greater health through natural care practices that evolve with your life.


People hire me when they’re done going in circles & are ready to experience physical & mental liberation. I understand how wanting to feel relaxed & actually being relaxed are two different worlds. Supporting you through a total mind-body transition, going from a reactivity to response-ability has been my specialty for years. People who are Highly Sensitive or experience triggers and trauma symptoms & are ready to be liberated from stress most enjoy this process (universal to all). I am an affirming & inclusive human being in line with disintegrating oppression. Clients say that I am great at helping them access new resources; balancing a sense of grounded safety with try-something-new-kind-of courageous and daring behavior.


You deserve a restorative process for diminishing the direct wear & tear that ongoing stress & emotional blockages place on mind, body & your relationships.

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“Relax your body, and the rest of you will lighten up.”
Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood